Current Projects

Emory Bubble

PageLines-EmoryBubble.pngThe student communication platform is being used to encourage sustainable practices, Carpool/Ride Share, Textbook Exchange etc. among students in The Emory DPT program.



Take-back/Recycle Note Program

At the end of each semester, students who will not be using their notes any more can bring them in to make sure the paper gets recycled!

Two-week Trial

For the first two weeks in each semester students get the opportunity to access class notes both in paper form and electronically. At the end of the two weeks, students get to choose their preference for each class and professors get new printing numbers.

Personalized Course Feedback for Professors

At the end of each semester The Emory DPT Sustainability Committee meets to make personalized recommendations for each course on ways the course could be improved to integrate sustainable practices for future years.

Student Surveys

The Emory DPT Sustainability Committee creates, administers and analyzes surveys given to the students about sustainable practices, ideas for the future etc. in order to plan and implement changes for the future.

Journal of Humanities & Physical Therapy

Journal of Humanities in RehabilitationThe Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation (JHR) is a peer reviewed, multi-media journal using a collaborative model with rehabilitation professionals, patients and their families to gain a greater understanding of the human experience of disability through art, literature and narrative. The purpose of this interdisciplinary journal is to raise the consciousness and deepen the intellect of the humanistic relationship in the rehabilitation sciences.



Future Projects


Emory DPT Arbor Day

Arbor DayThe Emory DPT Sustainability Committee is planning on having a day of service in order to create awareness of our department’s use of natural resources and to give back through planting trees as a means of replenishing resources used.


Round-table Committee Discussion on Sustainable Practices in Physical Therapy

The Emory DPT Sustainability Committee is planning on hosting a round-table discussion with currently practicing clinical providers, professors and students to begin the conversation on the intersection of sustainable efforts and physical therapy practice.